[p]We’re happy to announce our new Jumbo loan program. It’s especially designed for high earners who aren’t rich yet.¬†Applicants must have at least 760 FICO score to be approved for this loan.[/p][p][subtitle3]Here is a simple overview of this loan program:[/subtitle3][list-ul type=”check”][li-row]$1,000,000 loan with 5% Down[/li-row][li-row]$1,500,000 loan with 10% Down[/li-row][li-row]No Monthly PMI[/li-row][li-row]Fixed & ARM Options[/li-row][li-row]Minimum FICO: 760[/li-row][/list-ul][/p]

Contact us if you would like to know¬†more about this loan program. If you’re a real estate or mortgage professional, fill out a quick scenario form to see if your loan would approve.