How Long will Interest Rates Remain this Low?

Apr 30, 2015 | Information for Homeowners, Mortgage Finance News

Homeowners have been asking this since 2012 when our economy was in recovery mode. The quick answer, Not Much Longer.

We can talk about how interest rates work and why they fluctuate when the Fed makes an announcement or Europe’s economy becomes unstable. Technical details on what determines interest rates wouldn’t get the full message across, however.

The most recent generation of homeowners and investors haven’t been exposed to high-interest rates.  Some may believe that their 30 year fixed mortgages should be in the 3.5% range. They may be surprised when they see the history of interest rate averages.

Overview of 30 year Fixed Mortgage Rates in the USA

1971: 7.31%

1979: 12.90%

1982: 17.60%

1988: 10.48%

1994: 8.51%

1998: 6.95%

2003: 5.75%

2010: 4.99%

TODAY: 3.625%

The range of interest rates has risen & fallen substantially over the years. And average 30-year rates have never seen such small numbers. For buyers looking for that home but hesitant about rates being volatile. Don’t wait around for another dip in interest rates, it really doesn’t get better than this. Call your Realtor and put an offer on that home! If you’re a homeowner thinking about refinancing your mortgage for better terms or taking some cash out. Call your loan officer and get the ball rolling!

Interest Rates are at Historic Lows, It’s the Perfect Time to Take Action:

With Elite Equity, you’ll have the comfort of working with both a Realtor AND Loan Officer.  Our specialty is helping people find the best homes & loan programs available.

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