we offer the opportunity to invest in 1st position Trust Deeds for real estate located in the Southern California region

elite equity makes real estate loans secured by deeds of trust on residential, multifamily, retail and commercial property located throughout California.
The loans are arranged by elite equity and the notes and deeds of trust are held by our investors. Minimum investment is $100,000 for individuals, trusts and LLC’s.


Escrow & Title

Working with trusted escrow & title companies is of utmost importance when dealing with real estate & mortgage transactions.  Our long-standing relationship with our escrow & title team allows us close the loans properly the first time, while insuring your investment 100% with a correct Alta-Policy.


Processing & Underwriting

Each loan will be thoroughly processed & underwritten by our senior staff members.  With over 25 years of combined industry knowledge, the processing & underwriting team understands how to “read between the lines” and ensure that each loan is a solid investment.  The President of the company implements strict quality control guidelines for each & every loan originated.


Loan Servicing

elite equity will monitor, collect & maintain each loan payment.  Shortly after each loan funds, borrowers will receive a welcome letter explaining all of the relevant points of the servicing process; thereafter, on a monthly basis, borrowers will receive a statement notifying them of the next payment due.

Origination of Loans

Our staff originates the loans directly (no 3rd party involvement). This is conducted via sales people, telemarketers, mailers & referrals.

Impounding Property Tax & Insurance

We will mandate mortgage loan impounds for taxes & insurance on all first liens.  This will ensure that the property remains in good standing and protects your investment.

IRS 1098 and 1099 Reporting

elite equity prepares and delivers IRS 1098 and 1099 interest reporting forms in a timely manner, complying with all government rules and regulations.

Let's Get Started

Investing with elite equity

Whether you have a large portfolio or investing for the first time; elite equity representatives are prepared to discuss the windows of opportunity with you. Answer a few simple questions and we will contact you.

REO’s (Forclosed Properties)

Once a property is foreclosed upon and the loan is re-purchased, elite equity’s real estate team takes action.  Our experienced team of Realtors knows what it takes to properly market & execute the sale of REO properties – whether in a good or bad market.  We always aim to get top dollar for the assets, ideally paid in all cash for a quick closing and excellent return on your investment.


Late Payments & Foreclosure Proceedings

In the unlikely event that a borrower defaults on the note, elite equity is 100% prepared to handle foreclosure proceedings.  Our skilled asset managers & attorneys become ever more valuable when a borrower does not pay. Our experienced team knows exactly how to handle collection efforts… Starting with the 10th day of each month, a series of telephone calls supplemented with the appropriate letter are initiated. Since time is of the essence, and once a borrower has failed to pay by the 17th of any month, a notice of intent to foreclose is prepared and sent to the borrower providing for a thirty-day time period to bring the loan current. With your approval, once the thirty-day notice has matured, and if the borrower is still delinquent, a notice of default will be recorded. We handle all aspects of foreclosure process keeping you informed every step of the way.